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Appreciation Marketing Services, Helping You Create Raving Fans
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Appreciation Marketing
Handwritten Direct Mail Services

Handwritten Sticky-Notes

Upcoming Events:

April Fools Day


Easter Sunday


Arbor & Earth Day



Have some important info to get to your clients?

Use a Greeting Card!

Why? Because they have a 98% Open Rate and everyone loves getting them, especially when they are handwritten, they immediately capture  the receiver’s interest and get opened!

You can’t get this kind of response with a business letter!


We Provide Custom Monogrammed Stationery

Metis Group is pleased to announce our new service

Pronounced \nōt-er-ri-fik\, is our new self-service website and has replaced this website. So you can click the logo above or this link to be taken to Noterrific.com website.


Make it Personal and Make an Impact!

How Does it Work?

Just 4 Simple and Easy Steps:

  • Setup your handwriting or pick one of ours if you prefer.
  • Pick a program
    • Handwritten Envelopes only
    • Sticky Notes
    • Handwritten Note on Personal Stationery
    • Greeting Cards
    • Note Cards
  • Upload your list or just email it to us
  • Approve your Proof

How Much Does it Cost? Great Question!

And that's it so get started today.



Authentic Looking and Your Handwriting or Ours!

When it looks handwritten by you, it has an impact that's beyond anything you can do with traditional direct mail programs. And we hide the fact you used a service

Get a free sample and see for yourself!



Your Handwritten Note on Your Personalized Stationery

This piece is created to look just like a note written on your personal notepad stationery. We fold it in half and send it in a matching linen envelope.


From the desk of

Your Name



Your Handwritten Note on Greeting & Note Cards

This piece is created to look just like you wrote your client or prospect a personal note inside this greeting card.

Card Front Inside Card
This is an Off-Holiday for
Groundhog's Day
  We assist you with card verse and your personal message
Inside Left of Card   Back of Card
We can imprint your contact info, logo and photo in each card.   We do not give away the fact that you used our service by advertising on the back of the card.


Your Handwritten Envelope

All Envelopes are printed in your handwriting or ours with your return address imprinted on the back flap. And we always attach a Postage Stamp, we never use metered or bulk mail that way every piece looks hand-done by you!

We can print any size envelope you require.


Your Handwritten Sticky-Note on Any Insert

We can provide reprints of news articles or any other information you provide and attach your personal note on a Sticky-Note. Envelopes are also addressed in your handwriting.


Your Handwritten Note on Custom Stationery

We can provide you with Personalized Stationery of your choosing. You may get as fancy as you like with embossed stationery or more simple personalized stationery, it is entirely up to you, just know that we can accommodate your special request!


Your Competitive Advantage

In these tough economic times you need a competitive advantage that lets you stand out from your competitors and remain branded in the mind of your clients and prospects in a very personal and impactful way.

With Metis Group Services, Your Clients and Prospects will not know you used our service. Our products look that authentic and we work hard to keep it that way! Let us provide you with samples.


We know how valuable handwritten notes are!

And we are experts in helping you benefit from their use with little effort on your part!

We create programs, in your handwriting, to help you maximize your time and deliver consistent programs designed to achieve results with programs like these:

  • Thank You Notes or Note Cards for many occasions
  • Follow-Up Greeting Cards, Postcards, Notes and Letters
  • Articles from Magazines or Newspapers that would interest your clients or prospects with your personal note attached
  • Keep-In-Contact — Stay in Front of Your Clients and Prospects on an ongoing basis
  • Off-Holiday Humor — Great opportunities to brand yourself with your clients and prospects when they least expect it with a funny and memorable card
  • Birthday and Anniversaries
  • And many more valuable services to increase your success!

So let’s cut to the chase and show you how you can benefit from our service:

  • We can produce your handwritten message on everything from Letterhead, to note paper, greeting cards, postcards, sticky-note paper and many others
  • Our printing process is so unique it looks authentically penned so you’re contact won’t know you did not write it yourself, see an example and learn why we’re so unique!
  • Don’t like your handwriting, pick one that you like and we'll add your own signatures to it
  • You'll receive expert assistance on what to say, how to say it and what is the best delivery for it (i.e., note, greeting card, postcard, etc…)
  • Fresh new ideas every month on how to be current, funny, appreciative, memorable and much more
  • And we do everything for you including making sure they are mailed from your city so the postmark on the handwritten envelope is yours, not ours!

Does this sound too good to be true? Give us a try with our Free Trial Offer!


Thank You Notes, Highly Effective & Underutilized
Until Now. . .

I'm sure you know and don't need us to tell you how effective handwritten and hand-addressed personal notes are. If not, here it is directly from the experts:

Jeffrey Gitomer, The 33 cent Sales Call, now 42

How often are you in front of your customers or prospects?

Answer: Not as often as you should be.

It takes 7 to 10 impressions to get a sale and begin to build a relationship. You can get there quicker if you use the mail. Not e-mail - regular old put-a-stamp-on-it mail mail. If you can't be there in person, send a letter. View Article

Joe Girard, The World’s Greatest Salesman, How did Joe Girard sell 6 cars a day, everyday?

He built and maintained relationships. Joe used to send 13 cards to all his prospects and clients every year. One every month and one for Christmas. He created a place for himself in the brains of his prospects and clients by keeping in touch with them. He made sure that he was in peoples' minds when they had to buy a car. The Guinness Book of World Records listed Joe Girard as the “World's Greatest Retail Salesman” for 12 consecutive years. View Article